At every stage in an artist’s project or life cycle - from unsigned through to launch, single and album release, culminating in star status - there are unavoidable risks to be negotiated. Entertainment Media Research supplies the research intelligence that helps decision-makers make more informed decisions at those critical points.

In short, Entertainment Media Research works by always understanding the size and profile of the audience for any artist or song. This serves to encourage artistic creativity and A&R freedom, simultaneously reducing financial risk.


Record labels, management companies, publishers and artists use Entertainment Media Research to:

  • Secure maximum radio airplay for their artists by identifying the right singles release and understanding which stations will play them
  • Evaluate the risk / reward profile of potential roster signings. Is there a quantifiable consumer market for this artist?
  • Safely launch new artists. Is the image congruent with the music and if so, who is going to buy the artist’s music and why?
  • Extend artists’ commercial lives through market repositioning. How do you attract a new audience without losing the existing one?
  • Maximise the impact of TV advertising on album purchases by pinpointing which programmes to target for each individual artist
  • Increase Best Of and Compilation sales by finding the optimal track listing and TV advertising soundbed
  • Identify the optimal sponsorship or brand licensing strategy for each artist
  • Optimise the effectiveness of commercials through pre-testing and ad tracking research.