Peter Ruppert, founder of Entertainment Media Research and architect of PopScores says:

 “We know through testing 30,000 songs over the last decade that ‘connection’ to a song is pivotal for radio airplay success but is no guarantee of album or ticket sales”.

 “We’ve extensively researched the other factors that drive commercial success and have incorporated them in PopScores to fill the crucial information gap for the music industry.”


PopScores is a major new intelligence service for the music industry. It measures and tracks consumers’ awareness and popularity of 180 artists across all popular genres by reflecting the opinions of 4,500 music consumers in the UK aged 13 to 49.

PopScores, which has been created by respected research company Entertainment Media Research, is a valuable new addition to the world of music industry research with an important twist.


Popscores is available by invitation only. For more information please contact us.