Online Music Testing

Testing large numbers of back catalogue or golden oldie tracks is essential for any music radio station, but hiring auditoriums and inviting hundreds of people to turn up in order to rate your songs is a very expensive and time-consuming activity. It is also beset with methodological problems – order bias, human fatigue and sample error.

Entertainment Media Research’s online auditorium tester delivers your results better, faster and cheaper. Here’s why we firmly believe this to be true:


  • Research up to 1000 songs
  • Songs are randomly streamed to each respondent eliminating order bias
  • "Take a break" functionality eliminates human fatigue
  • Online survey avoids peer pressure
  • Highly flexible sample quotas including non-listeners
  • Opportunity to add brand tracking and presenter questions
  • Price typically 50% lower than auditorium tests


EMR sends out invites to your chosen panel of respondents who then listen to short clips of up to 350 randomised tracks. Nobody is going to listen to all the songs at once, so EMR allows respondents to take a break – even go away for the weekend – and then pick up where they left off. The online methodology avoids all the old auditorium issues of peer pressure and listening to the songs in a set order.

In the UK, we use Entertainment Media Research’s proprietary database of over 350,000 music radio listeners. So, you can research any combination of listeners including those who say your station is their favourite, those who listen only occasionally to your station and those who don’t listen to your station at all.

All research is conducted online by inviting samples of listeners to log-in to a secure site. The respondents are then streamed randomised edits of the songs you have selected for testing and asked to complete a number of perceptual questions.

The sample size depends upon your requirements and is typically 100-300 respondents per survey.

Weekly Music Testing

Naturally our technology offers the ability to conduct weekly music tests using the same high quality sampling as the online library tests. The surveys are conducted in a single sitting and we recommend to test 40 songs or less per research wave.  We have been testing music online for the past 15 years and are are committed to providing relevant, reliable, and actionable answers to your music programming questions employing our time-tested methods.



You can view all your results, including tracking data in real-time, whenever and wherever best suits you by accessing Entertainment Media Research’s secure online reporting system.

Each survey contains song reports by age, gender and radio station preferences and full song tracking capability. You can also customise the page views to cut and slice the data according to your particular needs.

Entertainment Media Research delivers actionable insight into consumers of entertainment and music.