Music in Advertising

Research shows that the effectiveness of commercials is dramatically influenced by unleashing the power of music. Knowing which track really delivers your desired behavioural and perceptual brand impact is always a challenge – it’s also our specialism.

We focus upon key attributes such as Aspiration, Association, Brand Fit, Direct Action and Familiarity to understand the consumers’ emotional connection with the sound and whether it enhances the brand proposition and propels the brand forwards.

We then go much further and analyse the communication’s audio–visual fit. Are you for example, after unification or polarisation, congruence or discordance?

We then go further still to understand the potential longevity of the music as your sonic branding. How many repeated exposures can it withstand before it burns?


How does it work?

In short, you make the creative decisions and we’ll tell you which creative option best delivers your campaign objectives. We use a diagnostic quantitative approach that is customised to your specific campaign needs.

The research is conducted online using Entertainment Media Research’s panel of over half a million consumers of music and entertainment aged 13-59. The media and questionnaire are securely streamed to a select sample that represents your target market.


What do you get?

Because you need information quickly we deliver your results immediately. You can view the findings of your research online via our secure reporting site or we will send you an executive summary. In addition you will receive a PowerPoint-based report and presentation with one of our specialist consultants that analyses the research findings, interprets the results and provides actionable recommendations.

The market intelligence that answers the five high risk “unknowns” before it’s too late.