It delivers the market intelligence that answers the five high risk “unknowns”

  • Is there a commercial market for your new artist and if so, what is the target market?
  • Are the songs strong enough to connect with your target market?
  • Will the first single generate sufficient awareness?
  • Is the artist’s image consistent with the music?
  • Should the image be changed and if so why and to what?

How does it work?

Firstly, we conduct an online music test with a cross-section of music consumers to identify the commercial potential of the music. The test establishes whether the music can unify the market or works best with particular consumer groups; it also accurately predicts airplay potential by radio format, normally a precondition for commercial success.

Secondly, we arrange an online multimedia questionnaire to establish the target market’s connection with your artist. Respondents are shown images of the artist, listen to an interview and read a short biog to generate familiarity. We then investigate perceptions towards the artist and the music.

What do you get?

You get a confidential briefing document with key findings and actionable recommendations from our panel of music industry experts and researchers who will personally guide you through the research findings.

We use a thoroughly diagnostic and consultative approach so you can make your decisions with uttermost confidence.

The survey is conducted online using Entertainment Media Research’s international panel of over half a million music consumers. Launch Pad - the market intelligence that answers the six high risk “unknowns” before it's too late.