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Entertainment Media Research was founded in 1997 by Peter Ruppert, formerly Head of Music Information at MTV Europe in anticipation of the digital entertainment revolution.

Today, Entertainment Media Research is Europe’s foremost entertainment research consultancy. Headquartered in London it serves the film, music, broadcast and advertising industries in the UK, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Australasia. The company is independent and privately-owned.

Our business is the supply of research intelligence that enables entertainment decision-makers to push their creative and commercial boundaries and minimise their risks to achieve the greatest financial return.

Radio programmers, A&R heads, marketing execs, television broadcasters, commercial departments, advertising creatives, media planners & buyers, strategists and chief executives all use Entertainment Media Research.

The company’s key assets comprise a large and continuously refreshed database of music and entertainment consumers and a suite of ground-breaking research methodologies that have become the industry standard across Europe.


Media Research offers unrivalled expertise in entertainment and music research with a hard-won reputation for flexibility and highly actionable findings.

The Social Video Report is a flagship study conducted by EMR into the consumption of online video by UK consumers.

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The report is based on quantitative research across all platforms and focuses in particular upon the online viewing of brand-related videos, namely Product Reviews, TV Commercials and Branded Entertainment.

The Social Video Report details audience reach, incidence rates, content preferences, motivations and impacts by demographic and consumer segmentation.

In particular, it investigates and quantifies the behavioural impact of brand-related online video in the form of Engagement, Sharing and Purchasing.

Engaging Audiences With Online Video

Founder and President of EMR Digital Ltd, Peter Ruppert discusses the agency's recent Social Video Report 2013 and the role of video in the purchasing decision-making process.

"The most natural way to connect people with each other, with new brands and with products is visually." explains Peter.

"Video is the tool with which people can instantly do just that. Future social networks will, in all likelihood, be video networks, or be dominated by video." 

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Songpeople was founded in 2000 with the aim of giving music fans in the UK a chance to influence the sounds heard across the music and entertainment world.

Tucked away in the vibrant heart of London’s West End, Songpeople conducts official research for record labels, for radio stations and for the music and media entertainment industries.

Once you’re a member of the Songpeople community you can listen > influence > win.